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Name lab section an example timing diagram for

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Unformatted text preview: t for wire 4 to become a 1 while( !(PIND & 0b00010000)) {} rising_edge_time = TCNT1; // Store counter value Name: Lab Section: } } return 0; } c) Describe two disadvantages of your software- implemented input capture program, as compared to using Input Capture hardware and Interrupts. (5 pts) 1. Does not allow other parts of the code to run, while it is running. 2. With the "software only" approach an interrupt could occur after detecting a positive edge, but before the TIMER value is read. Thus adding to the error of when the positive edge occurred. 3. The Input Capture hardware stores the value of TCNT as soon as the event occurs, while the software implementation will have error related to where in the polling loop the code is when the positive edge occurs. d) Write a program to capture the time at which...
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