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The laser is fired at a mirror placed on the moon and

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Unformatted text preview: ta bit of value 1 is 1. int sample; //used to store the timer count for each bit if(rise == 0) { sample1 = ICR1; //Set the timer to detect a rising edge. TCCR1B |= 0b01000000; rise = 1; } else { sample2 = ICR1; //Calculate the time duration of IR activity sample = sample2-sample1; //Based on the duration of IR activity, find out whether //the bit was a start bit, 1 bit or a 0 bit. if((sample>700) && (sample<800)) { bit =-1; } else if((sample>450) &&(sample<550)) { bit =1; } else if((sample>150) &&(sample<250)) { bit =0; } else{} //Set the timer to detect a falling edge. TCCR1B &= 0b10111111; rise =0; recv_ir_bit(bit); } } /* recv_ir_bit: receives a single bit from the above ISR */ void recv_ir_bit(char bit) { Name: Lab Section: // YOUR CODE //If start bit was received then clear recv_flag. if(bit== -1) { recv_ch = 0; recv_flag = 0; bit_count = 0; } else { //The LS bit is received first.We need to shift the bit to //the correct position. We do...
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