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Int sample used to store the timer count for each bit

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Unformatted text preview: lt;<CS10); //0b10000011=0x83 TIMSK = (1<< TICIE1) ;//0x00100000=0x20 sei(); } c. [15] Complete the following program that accepts characters through IR. It has two functions (ISR (TIMER1_CAPT_vect)and recv_ir_bit()). The ISR recognizes a single bit, which can be a start bit, a data bit of value 0 and a data bit of value 1. It then calls recv_ir_bit() with this bit as the parameter. The start bit is passed as - 1. The recv_ir_bit() function works as follows: If it sees a start bit, then it resets recv_flag and clears recv_ch. If it sees a data bit, then it shifts the bit into recv_ch. If all seven bits are received, then it also sets the recv_flag. // global variables exchange IR data between interrupt // functions and the foreground program execution // YOU MAY ADD MORE GLOBAL VARIABLES TO THIS SECTION Name: Lab Section: volatile char recv_ch; volatile char recv_flag; // receive character // receive flag // recognize a single bit ISR (TIMER1_CAPT_vect) { char bit; // The bit values: start is -1, // data bit of value 0 is 0, // da...
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