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Exam 1 Review - Between and within-subjects designs...

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EXP 3604 EXAM 1 REVIEW SHEET The following concepts will be included on the exam : The definition(s) of cognitive psychology Scientific historical roots Unconscious inferences Structuralism Functionalism Behaviorism Ebbinghaus’s memory research/forgetting curve Rise of cognitive psychology in the 1950s The information-processing approach Connectionism Ecological validity Internal validity Research methods Goals of Research Characteristics of an experiment Independent variables Dependent variables Participant variables Advantages and disadvantages of experiments
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Unformatted text preview: Between- and within-subjects designs Factorial designs Cognitive neuroscience Cognitive neuroscience research methods – advantages and disadvantages Diffusion-tensor imaging Brain as an integrated system Neurons Global Neuronal Work Space Action potentials Neuronal communication Sensation Perception Perceptual grouping Figure-ground Global precedence Top-down processing Bottom-up processing Subliminal processing Illusions Ambiguous figures Negative afterimages Reversible figures...
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