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Quiz 4 Solution

3 in this generic diagram of a reaction proceeding

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Unformatted text preview: ing from reactants to products, (a) label the transition state, its Gibbs free energy of activation, ΔG , and the chemical driving force, ΔG. (b) What functional form relates the rate constant to ΔG ? Do not worry about numerical pre-­‐factors. Just looking for k proportional to exp(-­‐ΔG /RT). 4. Assume we have a weak acid, HA, which dissociates to H+ and A–. For example, for acetic acid, CH3COOH, the equation would be: CH3COOH CH3COO– , with equilibrium constant Ka. H+ + (a) Write out the general form of the equilibrium expression using Ka, [HA], [H+], and [A–]. (b) Assume that c mol of HA is added to a neutral, 1L solution of water. Assume x mol is the amount of HA that dissociates to H+ and A–. (Also assume that the weak acid is the main source of Name Section Rec TA Side 3 of 4 Ch 1b,...
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