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Also assume that the weak acid is the main source of

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Unformatted text preview: In-­‐class Quiz Four Tuesday, March 11, 2014 H+, so that [H+] and [A–] are equal after the addition.) What is the new form of the equilibrium expression in terms of c and x? (c) The above should give a quadratic equation. Given that this is a weak acid, one can assume c >> x. Now, provide a simpler equation and solve for x in terms of c and Ka. (d) If c = 1 mol and Ka = 1 x 10–4, what is the pH of the solution from the above equation? Solutions 5. Configurational entropy in solids arises from the number of different ways we can arrange atoms on a lattice, assuming that atoms of the same type (element) are indistinguishable. (a) Is entropy an intensive or extensive variable? (Circle one) (b) Assume we can make an Au-­‐Cu alloy that is single phase across the entire composition rang...
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