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A which type of reaction occurs at the sacrificial

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Unformatted text preview: occurs at the sacrificial anode? Circle one: oxidation or reduction (b) For the sacrificial anode to be effective, should you use lead or magnesium anodes? Circle one, and briefly explain your choice. (a) Oxidation, and the idea is to choose an anode that will oxidize instead of the iron. Name Section Rec TA Side 2 of 4 Ch 1b, In-­‐class Quiz Four Tuesday, March 11, 2014 (b) Magnesium, because Mg has a standard electric potential that is less than that of iron while lead has a standard electric potential that is greater than that of iron. (Since magnesium has a more negative electric potential, it will give up its electrons more easily than iron. [We will provide the redox table from OGC. For now, here’s another version for reference.] 3. In this generic diagram of a reaction proceed...
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