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Unformatted text preview: ! ! (0 points for just rewriting) !!!! /!" (5 points for first substitution) !!!! /!" !!!"# /!" (10 points for getting to here) (15 points for entirely correct answer) Write the integral that gives the number of molecules with enough energy to overcome the activation energy Ea. Don’t try to evaluate it. = = ! !! ! 1 4!"# !!!"# /!" (5 points) -1 for the equation having 1 or 2 minor mistakes (like 2 pi instead of 4 pi, etc) -3 for incorrect limits Side 4 of 9 e) 2014 Ch 1b Final Exam SOLUTIONS Sketch a graph of the Boltzmann distribution for two different temperatures. Pick an arbitrary Ea and shade in the area under the curve measured by the integral in part (d). What can you say about the rate at the higher temperature versus the rate at the lower temperature? (25 points total – 5 for correct axis labels, 5 points for T2 with a broader peak and shifted right, 5 points for correct shading) –2 for no y axis label or for a label that was completely incorrect -­‐3 for no x axis label or for a label that was completely incorrect -­‐ -­‐1 for y axis being “# of molecules” instead of what’s indicated on key The area under the curve for T2 is larger than the area under the curve for T1. Therefore,...
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/03/2014 for the course CHEM 1b taught by Professor Heath,rees during the Spring '13 term at Caltech.

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