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Final Exam Solution

15 points d ok now you have the information you

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Unformatted text preview: imply about the temperature dependence of ΔG, and thus the temperature dependence of the equilibrium constant? Be brief. Examining the Gibbs Free Energy in terms of a low temperature limit we have: ΔG = ΔH – TΔS ≈ ΔH – 0 = ΔH = -­‐14 kcal/mol At low temperatures the enthalpic term dominates and formation of N2O4 is favored. (15 points) d) OK, now you have the information you need. Which compound, NO2 or N2O4, is responsible for the brownish tinge of urban air on hot days? Explain you answer in one sentence. NO2 . (10 points) At high temperatures the entropic term becomes more important, and the equilibrium begins favoring the reddish NO2 over N2O4. This makes sense when thinking about the reaction, as the combination of two molecules to form a single one is entropically unfavorable. (15 points. Possible -­‐5 for going over 1 sentence, since it is bolded. Leave up to the grader.) Side 9 of 9 2014 Ch 1b Final Exam SOLUTIONS 8. (65 points) A polymerized sample of the amino acid glutamic acid, containing 100 glutamic acid residues linked sequentially by peptide bonds, forms an alpha-helix under acidic conditions (pH < 4), but adopt...
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