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5 points 25 for only considering k and not

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Unformatted text preview: 2.5 for only considering k and not concentration) Side 6 of 9 2014 Ch 1b Final Exam SOLUTIONS 5. (75 points) One mole of liquid water at a constant pressure of 1 atm is supercooled to −10 ° and frozen isothermally at −10 °. The process is pictured below. The following are potentially useful data: ! ! = 76.11 !! -1, ! = 37.24 !! -1, !"#$%&,!"#! ! = 6.009 /. a) Considering the change in the disorder of the system, what is the sign of for the system? Explain in one sentence. Negative; solids are more ordered than liquids. (10 points) b) Given that the second law of thermodynamics holds true, what must for the surroundings be relative to for the system? !"#$ ≥ 0 according to the second law. Since this is intuitively not a reversible process, !"#$ > 0 and !"## > !"! (10 points) c) For the freezing process at −10 °, show that for the system is . ! . Assume the values of molar heat capacities stay constant over the temperature range considered. Hint: is a state function and therefore is path-independent, so you are free to choose a convenient path from the initial to fin...
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