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Final Exam Solution

5 points the first group type is a doublet which means

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Unformatted text preview: α) is a doublet, which means that there is only one hydrogen atom attached to adjacent atom(s) that exhibit spin-­‐spin coupling. (5 points) The second group (type β) is a septet, which means that six hydrogen atoms are attached to the adjacent molecule(s) that exhibit spin-­‐spin coupling. (5 points) (NOTE: students don’t need to use the term spin-­‐spin coupling – they may use splitting or discuss neighboring atoms.) Diisopropyl ether satisfies these three criteria. b) You do elemental analysis and find that the molecular formula of another unknown material is C4H8O. The proton NMR and IR spectra are shown below. Draw your proposed structure and briefly explain your answer. There are 3 major chunks of information here: Putting it all together, there is only one way to assemble the molecule and maintain isolation on the ethyl and methyl groups. That structure is methyl ethyl ketone. +15 points for the correct molecule, awarded in chunks +5 for the isolated –CH3, +5 for the isolated -­‐CH2CH3, and +5 for the C=O. Since we asked for a brief ex...
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