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Since we asked for a brief explanation 15 points are

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Unformatted text preview: planation, +15 points are awarded for an explanation that covers all 3 of these chunks. However, since we are given the formula, only 2 of these chunks are needed to draw the entire molecule. C4H8O = -­‐CH3 + -­‐CH2CH3 + X X must have the formula C=O. So it was possible to get +30 points without explicitly mentioning the IR. Side 3 of 9 2014 Ch 1b Final Exam SOLUTIONS It was impossible to get more than +20 points without explicitly mentioning the NMR, even with a correct structure since they only explained 1/3 chunks of info. Getting any chunk of the molecule wrong usually lead to a 10 point deduction, since the mistake in structure corresponded to incorrect interpretation of the spectra. 3. (75 points) The Arrhenius equation a) = !!! /!" describes the dependence of reaction rate on temperature. Use the natural logarithm to rearrange the equation into a form that will yield a linear trend line when the data are plotted. What useful information can we obtain from the intercept and the slope? !! ln = ln − !" (10 points) !...
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