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Unformatted text preview: systems in developing countries may be scattered, inefficient, or altogether lacking Japan’s distribution system is complex, with many distributors touching the product before it arrives on the store shelf Local conditions influence how a company distributes products in global markets Marketing channel management involves selecting, managing, and motivating individual channel members and evaluating their performance over time Selecting Channel Members • It will want to evaluate each channel member’s years in business, other lines carried, location, growth and profit record, cooperativeness, and reputation Managing & Motivating Channel Members The company must sell not only through the intermediaries but also with them Most companies see their intermediaries as the first­line customers and partners They practice strong partner relationship management to forge long­term partnerships with channel members This creates a value delivery system that meets the needs of both the company and its marketing partners Many companies are now installing integrated high­tech partnership relationship management systems (PRM) to coordinate their whole channel marketing efforts...
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