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Unformatted text preview: channels of communication Two types of communication: personal or nonpersonal Personal Communication Channels Personal communication channels­ two or more people communicate directly with each other: face­to­ face, on the phone, mail, email, texting, etc. Effective because they allow for personal addressing and feedback Word of mouth influence­ personal communications about a product between neighbors, family, associates and other consumers Friends and family are the most powerful influence Buzz marketing­ cultivating opinion leaders and getting them to spread information about a product to others Nonpersonal Communication Channels Nonpersonal communication channels­ media that carry messages without personal contact or feedback: major media, events Major media includes broadcast media (TV, radio), display media (billboards, newspaper), online media (emails, web sites) Nonpersonal communication affects buyers directly Selecting the Message Source • Messages delivered from highly credited sources are more persuasive Collecting Feedback After sending the message the communicator must reseach its effect on the target audience Feedback suggests either changes in the promotion program or the product itself...
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