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Unformatted text preview: r “first moment of truth” no longer takes place in only stores Types of Retailers Amount of Service Self­service retailers serve customers who are willing to perform their own locate­compare­select process to save time or money Albertson’s, Target, Kohl’s Used by retailers selling convenience goods Limited­service retailers provide more sales assistance because they carry more shopping goods about which customers need information Sears, JC Penny Increased operating costs result in higher prices Full­service retailers assist customers in every phase of the shopping process Tiffany & Co, Nordstrom Specialty goods More services higher operating costs higher prices Product Line Specialty store: carries a narrow product line with a deep assortment within that line Department store: carries a wide variety of product lines, each operated as a separate department managed by spet buyers or merchandisers Supermarket: a large, low­cost, low margin, high volume, self­service store that carries a wide variety of grocery and household products Conveni...
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