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Unformatted text preview: er­service operations, eventually becoming like the conventional retailers they replaced Pop­up stores­promote brands to seasonal shoppers and create buzz in busy areas The Rise of Megaretailers The rise of huge mass merchandisers and specialty superstores, the formation of vertical marketing systems, and a rash of retail mergers and acquisitions have created a core of superpower megaretailers With their size and buying power, these giant retailer can offer better merchandise selections, good service, and strong price savings to consumers Grow larger by squeezing out their smaller, weaker competitors Growth of Direct & Online Retailing Showrooming­ shoppers check out merchandise at showrooms before buying it online Much of the anticipated growth in online sales will go to multichannel retailers who can successfully merge the virtual and physical worlds Growing Importance of Retail Technology • Progressive retailers are using advanced IT and software systems to produce better forecasts, control inventory costs, interact electronical...
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