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Unformatted text preview: minder advertising is important for mature products; it keeps customer relationships Setting the Advertising Budget Advertising budget­ dollars and other resources allocated to a product or a company advertising program Advertising budget depends on its stage in the product life cycle New products require large advertising budgets while mature products require low advertising budgets Market share impacts the amount of advertising needed Brands in a market with many competitors and high advertising clutter must be advertised more heavily to be noticed, same with undifferentiated brands (laundry detergent, deodorant, soap) Advertising is the easiest thing to cut when companies are on a tight budget Developing Advertising Strategy • Advertising strategy­ creating advertising messages and selecting advertising media Creating the Advertising Message Due to new technologies such as DVR advertisers can no longer force feed their customers Content must be better planned, more imaginative, more entreating and emotionally engaging To break through clutter many marketers have subscribed to a new merging of advertising and entertainment called Madison and vine Madison and vine­ represents the merging of advertising and entertainment in an effort to breakthrough the clutter and create new avenues for reaching customers with more engaging messages. It takes two forms: advertainment or branded entertainment Advertainment is to make ads themselves so entertaining and meaningful that people want to watch them Advertisers are also making ad look less like ads and more like short films/shows Branded entertainment involves making the rand an inseparable part or some other form of entertainment Most common form of branded entertainment is product placements—embossing brands as props within other programs...
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