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Noah Dudziak November 15, 2007 Professor Gunderman Peace, Love, and Unity While enjoyable in any form, The John Butler Trio’s unique style of bluegrass and folk rock is a rare and memorable experience in live concert. With their trip to Nashville’s ‘City Hall’ on November 2, the trio brought together a sound musical talent and an eager crowd to deliver an unforgettable episode, highlighted by John Butler’s exceptional instrumental skills and emotional vocals. And despite the band’s name, the extent of the extraordinary talent in concert does not apply just to John Butler, with excellent playing by bassist Shannon Birchall and drummer/percussionist Michael Barker, both of who exuded moving solos. Part of the allure in the trio’s music is their eclectic, and sometimes hard to classify sound. And at this concert, the band implemented an array of instruments, from the stand up bass to the didgeridoo, which represented the band’s technical music ability. In terms of influences, the band showed similarities to the 1960’s counterculture artists, as shown by John Butler’s repeated use of the phrase “peace, love, and unity” in between songs, and his hippie attire. But
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This note was uploaded on 04/10/2008 for the course MUSL 153 taught by Professor Gunderman during the Fall '07 term at Vanderbilt.

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johnbutlertrioconcert - Noah Dudziak Professor Gunderman...

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