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G lv hypertrophy hypertrophic myopathy diastolic

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Unformatted text preview: tolic dysfuncDon. –  Nearly all paDents with systolic dysfuncDon develop dilated, fibroDc or hypertrophied LV, hence reduced compliance and diastolic dysfuncDon Major Causes of HF •  Impaired contracDlity  ­> systolic dysfuncDon •  Pressure overload (elevated a\erload)  ­> diastolic and systolic dysfuncDon •  Impaired ventricular relaxaDon (e.g. LV hypertrophy, hypertrophic myopathy)  ­> diastolic dysfuncDon •  Increased sDffness of the LV  ­> diastolic dysfuncDon Figure 1. Autopsy (left) and echocardiographic (right) examples of the left ventricle imaged at the midventricular cross section in systolic heart failure (top), a normal heart (middle), and diastolic heart failure (bottom). Aurigemma G P et al. Circulation 2006;113:296-304 Copyright © American Heart Association 3 4/9/13 HF Progression Diastolic versus Systolic HF Diastolic •  Triggered by diet, high salt intake, hypertension; resistance vascular pathology •  Normal EDV & ESV; concentric myopathy; in...
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