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Engel fb et al 2006 proc natl acad sci usa 103

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Unformatted text preview: replicaAon of pre ­exisAng cardiomyocytes Prospects for Pharmacological RegeneraAon Pre ­exis/ng cardiomyocytes •  Sources of new heart muscle cells in the adult: –  ReplicaAon of pre ­exisAng cardiomyocytes (rare) –  Stem or progenitors that reside in the body (more common) •  Is it possible to model regenera5on for drug discovery? 8 4/10/13 Pharmacological Boost to RegeneraAon  ­ Herbalist/physician Nicholas Culpeper, 1652 •  Consider by what planet the afflicted part of the body is governed…. •  You may oppose diseases by Herbs of the planet, opposite to the planet that causes them: as diseases of Jupiter by herbs of Mercury, and the contrary; diseases of the Luminaries by the herbs of Saturn, and the contrary; diseases of Mars by herbs of Venus, and the contrary. Several Natural Biological Molecules (Proteins) SAmulate Pre ­exisAng Adult Heart M...
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