Mutalons in jagged1 nkx25 vascular endothelial growth

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Unformatted text preview: pLon: The right and non ­coronary leaflets are fused in this bifoliate aorLc valve. Note the prominent raphe (*) showing the line of non ­separaLon between the conjoined leaflets. (Van Mierop Archive – University of Florida) Contributor: Diane Spicer, BS InsLtuLon: Congenital Heart InsLtute of Florida Image Label: A091522 ­60b Transcatheter Valve Replacement (TAVR) A) Balloon catheter in the diseased valve; B) Balloon with valve in place; C) Balloon inflaLon to secure the valve SeptaLon of the OuRlow Tract •  The inner ridges of the ouRlow tract fuse together in a spiral paeern, forming the aorLcopulmonary septum 11 4/23/13 OuRlow Septal Defects Normal TransposiLon of the great vessels (straight septum) Persistent truncus arteriosus (failure to septate completely) Pulmonary stenosis, occurs in Tetralogy of Fallot (septal error/ malproporLoned septaLon) •  RV ouRlow obstrucLon (Pulmonary infundibular stenosis) •  Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) •  AorLc valve sits over the VSD (overriding aorta) •  Right ventricular hypertrophy •  GeneLc causes...
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