Assume that the reader is familiar with the

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Unformatted text preview: describes the scientific background to these questions, and the key experimental findings and conclusions that went into the studies that you describe. Assume that the reader is familiar with the experimental or mathematical model systems presented in the course. c) Critically analyzes and critique the models or model systems as to their suitability to the question at hand, and the conclusions drawn them. d) Discusses how these model analyses and experiments has led to new experimental studies and findings. e) Suggests a possible new avenue of mathematical modeling and/or wet lab experimentation based upon what you’ve learned in preparing your review. Briefly describe the goal of the modeling or experimentation. Present the experimental or modeling plan as discrete Specific Aims (~3) that will achieve the goal as completely as possible. Includes citations and full references to at least three peer- reviewed original papers, preferably more. You may refer to review articles but you should summarize at least three original references. We recommend using EndNote if you do not have a citations manager. A trial version can be downloaded and used for free (http://www.endnote.com/endemo.asp). In addition, the citations list does not need to be included in your page count. Please submit your paper via email to both Dr. McCulloch and Dr. Mercola with the topic area in the Subject heading no later than noon on Friday, June 7th....
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