C compliance decreases with age note that differences

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Unformatted text preview: the Vascular System Pressure, Velocity, Area and Volume Along Systemic Circula?on Berne & Levy, Cardiovascular Physiology, 1992 5 Vascular Dimensions in a 20 kg Dog Arterial Compliance: Hydraulic Filtering 6 Hydraulic Work Efficiency Intermittent pump with rigid tube does twice and much hydraulic work for same resistance and output as continuous pump Myocardial Oxygen Consump?on TPR was equal in both cases 7 Aor?c Compliance Decreases with Age Note that differences are greatest at pressures above 80 mm Hg Phasic Aor?c Diameter: Effects of Age- Related Changes in Aor?c Compliance In Vivo 8 Aor?c Elas?city vs. Age Arteriosclerosis can be due to remodeling of geometry (arterial thickening) or material properties (stiffening) Pressure Waveform: SBP, DBP, MAP, PP 9 Arterial Blood Pressure Determinants Pa ≅ Pd + 1 P − Pd 3s ( ) dV a = Qh − Qr dt R≅ P a − P ra P a ≅ Qr Qr Ca = dV a dPa dV a dPa = Ca dt dt Pulse Pressure is Mainly a Func?on of Stroke Volume and...
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