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genomewide associabon studies for cardiovascular

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Unformatted text preview: es Candidate Drug Targets Target Research and ValidaBon Pharma Pipeline (Few) High Disease ­ correlaBng Targets/ Mechanisms What Next?? Genome ­wide AssociaBon Studies for Cardiovascular Disease •  •  •  •  What is GWAS? Coronary Artery Disease/MI GWAS Heart failure GWAS QRS anomalies GWAS Linkage vs. AssociaBon Mapping 2 5/7/13 Linkage vs. AssociaBon Mapping •  •  •  Linkage analysis within pedigrees of affected families has detected genes with high odds raBos (relaBve risk) and penetrance (hence quite predicBve) but that are fairly rare (hence account for only a few cases). GWAS scans large numbers of people, someBmes increasing probability of detecBon by minimizing populaBon diversity or by focusing on extreme disease cases. GWAS detects very common variants with low penetrance (low odds raBo). For instance, one of strongest diabetes ­s...
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