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Esbmates of the number of druglike compound varies

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Unformatted text preview: )adrenergic receptor, and α ­tropomyosin1. •  Reducing stringency in the CHARGE study reveals many interesBng loci. •  Many of the “high signal” SNPs that failed to reach genomic significance in CHARGE may prove themselves in future cohorts to be of greater significance than can be concluded from this single analysis Electrocardiography  ­ ­ GWAS •  •  •  To date, 4 studies evaluated EP traits Revealing channel genes including SCN10A, SCN5A (associated with LQT1), KCNE1 (associated with LQT5), KCNH2 (associated with LQT2), KCNQ1 (associated with LQT1), TBX5 (transcripBon factor associated with ventricular development). hTp://www.genome.gov/26525384 8 5/7/13 ApplicaBons of Chemical Biology and FuncBonal Genomics •  Deciphering funcBon of genes and networks deduced from GWAS, linkage, or other –omics methods (including DNAseq, RNAseq, proteomics) •  Requires phenotypic assay •  One drawback is that the technologies are reducBonisBc in their current state...
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