The independent intersecbon of compounds with drug

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Unformatted text preview: ­of ­the ­art Comparison of Systems Biology and TradiBonal View of Chemical Biology (a) The large ­scale, systemaBc screens of systems biology and chemical biology generally have different objecBves. Whereas systems biology seeks to understand the complex relaBonship of one biological element (for example, protein) to all others, chemical biology has focused on pairing individual small molecules with a single target. (b) By comparing small ­molecule acBviBes across a spectrum of assays, biological fingerprints can be established that reflect the true, oten complex, acBvity of a small molecule. Chemical Space •  •  •  Chemical space is the set of all possible molecular structures and depends on criteria such as surface area, charge and number of hydrogen bond donors or acceptors. EsBmates of the number of drug ­like compound varies widely  ­ 1018 and 10200  ­ depending on the type of criteria. One of...
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