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Unformatted text preview: uscepBbility genes, TCF7L2, has odds raBo of 1.025! Combined, these could account for a large proporBon of disease (but how to test combinaBons of many genes or know which combinaBons are important???). In addiBon, there might be alleles of fairly low frequency (e.g. ~ 1%) and with a modest relaBve risk (e.g. odds raBo of ~3) would be hard to detect given either linkage or GWA studies. McCarthy Nature Reviews GeneBcs, 9: 356 (2008) Types of polymorphisms 1. Copy Number Varia=on (CNV) Segment of DNA that are found in different numbers of copies among individuals •  SubstanBal regions, not single nucleoBdes •  A B A C A B C B B C Types of polymorphisms 2.  Single NucleoBde Polymorphism (SNP) 3 5/7/13 Affymetrix Genotyping Chip GWAS to Gene •  •  •  Because GWAS directly genotype only a small proporBon of the variants that segregate within the populaBon exam...
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