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Unformatted text preview: , ubiquiBn ­specific pepBdase 3, with a odds raBo of 1.53 for the adverse allele. In the African ancestry subset, a separate locus associated with heart failure risk was found at 12q14 with a similar odds raBo (Smith et al., Circ. Cardiovasc. Gen.2010). 7 5/7/13 Heart Failure  ­ ­ GWAS •  Villard et al., (Eur. Heart J. 2011) idenBfied two loci involved in sporadic DCM, one of them 10q25.2–q26.2 probably implicates BAG3, a molecular chaperone. The site was previously idenBfied by linkage mapping to familial DCM. The genes at the other locus are not implicated in HF, but nonetheless interesBng since there are several genes whose funcBon could link them to HF. Relaxing Stringency in GWAS •  Lowering stringency reveal interesBng candidates in GWAS. •  For instance, reducing stringency of the Larson analyses reveals RYR2, ALOX5AP (encoding a protein involved insynthesis of leukotrienes, which are involved in inflammaBon), Connexin37, MEF2A, PLN, b(2...
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