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1717 this painting establishes the

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Unformatted text preview: the argument Notes on Watteau: • He was the greatest of the Rubenistes painters • Watteau’s work had little historical or mythological basis o His paintings broke academic rules and did not conform to any established category of art at the time • He would often weave theatre and real life into his works of art o Ex/ he incorporates well known characters from the Theatrical genre of Comedia Dell’Arte into his paintings Jean- Antoine Watteau, A Pilgrimage to Cythera, oil on canvas, ca. 1717 • This painting establishes the importance/prominence of the Rubenistes o This is done by Watteau’s use of subtle color graduation that harkens back to Ruben’s technique • This painting does, however, have mythological references in it o Cythera was the birthplace of the myth of Aphrodite’s birth • There is a sense of nostalgia along with feelings of longing and unrealized passion o This is done by Watteau’s use of sympathetic parallels found in the landscape and the sculpture within it o This is also done by the hesitancy of the figures to touch one another...
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