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1734 this story is about a man tom rakewell who has

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Unformatted text preview: holding a finger to his lips §༊ This suggests that there is now an element of secrecy that the viewers are now intertwined in • This work is also marked by amazing virtuosity in the manipulation of color that is present in Fragonard’s works Jean- Simeon Chardin, Back from the Market, oil on canvas, ca. 1739 • This painting depicts life in a Parisian bourgeois household o BUT, there is this sense of sexuality in this painting as well §༊ Ex/ The maid’s posture suggests informality • These scenes of everyday beauty can be compared to those of Jan Vermeer o Except, Chardin’s brushwork is soft at the edges §༊ This suggests the importance of objects instead of defining them • The bread shows the favorability of working with past...
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