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Exam 2 Chapter 18 PDF

Adam and eve are supposed to be reflectionsdepictions

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Unformatted text preview: to that of the Crucifixion §༊ Christ’s body has no scars §༊ He is engulfed in a beautiful halo §༊ The guards are knocked to the ground senseless because of this miracle • This image leaves the viewer in awe of Christ o The contrasts in the body of the Resurrected Christ and the Crucified one, were supposed to bring solace and consolation to the dying. §༊ This view of the altarpiece was supposed to: • Administer a spiritual form of medicine to the dying • Remind them of the presence and promise of Heaven. Note: This altarpiece hung in a monastery church for St. Anthony at Isenheim that served as a hospital for the sick during the outbreak of St. Anthony’s Fire (a disease caused by eating spoiled rye). This altarpiece was located on a very high altar so that the monks who were aiding the sick and the sick could see it. Albrecht Durer, Adam and Eve, engraving, ca. 1504 • This painting is a prime example of Durer’s ability to merge the traditions of northern Europe and Italy that he gained through his...
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