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Because of martin luther german artists had a much

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Unformatted text preview: s an artist from the Northern Renaissance because he worked at the court of the King of Spain, who at that time was also the King of the Netherlands (Hapsburg family). • • • • • • • • • Notes on the Northern Renaissance in Germany: This period was marked by an interest in humanism, although the reflection of humanism remained rather varied in the North because of the Catholic Church. Because of Martin Luther, German artists had a much more stricken style that is almost analogous to the mannerist period in Italy. The Germans had two very famous Renaissance Painters o Matthias Grunewald & Albrecht Durer Notes on Grunewald: Grunewald was on the two most famous German painters o BUT, his fame was lost until the 20th century Grunewald did believe in the religious ideology of Martin Luther (Protestantism), but he needed to Church to stay commissioned. Grunewald’s very individual approach to form is based off of the traditions of the northern European Renaissance Notes on Durer: Durer was considered to be the most influential artist of 16th Century Germany because of his portable prints, the power of his paintings, and his workshop Durer’s style was formed in the tradition of northern European naturalism o BUT, he was heavily influenced by Italian art (especially the innovations and possibilities that Italian art created/represented) During his travels, especially to Italy, Durer expa...
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