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Exam 2 Chapter 18 PDF

That head on position was only reserved for divine

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Unformatted text preview: travels. o Ex/ Nudes were not a very popular subject in the North, but because he utilizes the figures of Adam and Eve, this type of engraving is socially acceptable. §༊ Adam and Eve are supposed to be reflections/depictions of Apollo and Venus. • BUT: o The Nudes resemble a more northern person o The Nudes are placed in a deciduous forest §༊ Which is a northern forest o The Nudes are covered very discretely • The figures in the painting are created using the perfect proportions created by the ancient Greeks and Romans (i.e. Vitruvius) o Durer’s ideal male and female figures do become models for other artists. • The animals presented in the engraving are believed to be carefully placed/ picked. o All of the animals represent some kind of humor §༊ Ex/ the ox symbolizes the phlegmatic humor (sad and serious) • Durer actually created “stipples” o Stipples are engraving marks that stop and start and then dissolve into dots Albrecht Durer, Self Portrait, oil on panel, ca. 1500 (AKA The Portrait with the Fur Coat) • This painting greatly reflects the significance of the Renaissance o There is an interest in the human & an importance in the individual • Durer was very much interested in his own image o He had drawn a self- portrait at 13 which developed his interest • Durer’s placement in this painting and his idealized featured create an authority of the figure that was not seen during this time period o Durer...
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