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The mannerist style o but bernini himself created

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Unformatted text preview: Reni adopted the Raphaelesque style and created a quatro riportato (or a carried picture) • Reni creates an almost relief- like design to this painting o This adds an emotional force to the work of art that the painted figures could not have achieved themselves • In this picture, elegantly drawn grace becomes the pursuit of beauty • This fresco is a perfect example of the style Baroque Classicism Guernico and Agostino Tassi, Aurora, fresco, ca. 1621- 23 • This fresco was painted less than 10 years apart from Reni’s, but the contrast in style and approach is incredibly different o The artists utilize the technique of illusionist framework (aka quadrature), the technique of Correggio’s pictorial illusionism, the technique of Titian’s intense light and color • The viewer is placed below the scene of action, looking up at the underbelly of all the action • This is a perfect example of the style of the High Baroque period Notes on Bernini: • Bernini was a sculptor as well as an architect • He was trained by his father, Pietro Bernini, in sculpture • He was also influenced by Bologna • Bernini’s style was a direct growth out of the Mannerist style o But, Bernini himself created many revolutionary qualities that would help shape Baroque sculpture Gianlorenzo Bernini, David, marble, ca. 1623 • This is very much a baroque sculpture o Why? §༊ The figure is engaging in movement • This suggests a heightened vitality and energy present in most Baroque sculpture §༊ There is an implied presence of the figure of Goliath • David is not a self- contained figure but rather a half of a pair §༊ The figure is engaging the space around it • There is an active relationship with the surrounding space §༊ This sculpture, however, was supposed to be seen from one, primary point of view • This is very much a Baroque technique • This sculp...
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