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After this union rubens work became more inward and

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Unformatted text preview: igures are very reminiscent of the Classical Hellenistic style • They modeled after those of Michelangelo’s on the Sistine Chapel ceiling o Made to physical power and passionate feeling o The color and luminosity in the painting are attributed to Titian §༊ Ex/ the sky in the background of the right wing • The viewer feels like a participant in the action o This is because the pyramid of bodies bursts the limits of the frame Note: Rubens’ became remarried to a 16- year- old girl when he was 53. After this union, Rubens’ work became more inward and emotional. Peter Paul Rubens, The Garden of Love, oil on canvas, ca. 1638 • The sensuality of the painting parallels the change in Rubens home life • This painting was made as a “glowing tribute to life’s pleasures” o There are figures of a statue of Venus, couples in love and cupid • This painting (paired with his Marie de’ Medici Cycle) would influence 18th century Rococo painting. Note: Jan Bruegel the Elder was one of the innovators of the “art collection” paintings. These paintings provide us with a view into the depth and variety of European “art collectors.” These paintings can also give us a glimpse into the vast collections of exotica, scientific instruments and works of art that the aristocracy, and wealthy, had accumulated in this time period. Jan Brueghel the Elder and Peter Paul Rubens, The Allegory of Sight, oil on panel, ca. 1617 • This painting depicts a Kunstkammern and Wunderkammern o Kunstkammer means “rooms of art” o Wunderkammern means “rooms of wonder” • This painting is meant to be a visual pun o Because this painting can only be viewed in an art gallery and it can only be appreciated by one seeing it • The art collection presented in the painting is that of...
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