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1480 tempera on panel the second most famous painting

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Unformatted text preview: bodies that appear to be draped in clothes as opposed to clothes with heads on them, like was seen in earlier works. Note: Masaccio invented Renaissance painting Donatello, The Feast of Herod, ca. 1420- 1460, gilt bronze • Followed in the footsteps of Rugalleshi and used one- point perspective o This is the earliest known example of applied one- point perspective §༊ This is shown in the architecture • The composition is used to underscore the meaning of the portrayed event o There is no action in the middle Ghiberti, The Gates of Paradise, The Florence Baptistery, ca. 1425- 1452, gilt bronze • Ghiberti was allowed to create this door because he won a competition for the commission. o The image of the Sacrifice of Isaac by Ghiberti was used as a model of how this door was supposed to/going to look like if Ghiberti won. §༊ Ghiberti decided not to follow his previous design. • This door going to replace the previous door made by Nicolas Pisano. Fun Fact: Michelangelo nicknamed these doors “The Gates of Paradise” because they are made out of gold. Donatello, Mary Magdalene, ca. 1430- 1450, polychrome and gold on wood • The figure is a lot older and much more strident • There is an element of humanism here or attempts at trying to capture the realism of a human Fra Angelico, Annunciation, ca. 1440- 1445, fresco • The images are said to carry simplicity and purity • This is the first use of the painting technique called blond coloration o Every color is mu...
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