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Donatello mary magdalene ca 1430 1450 polychrome and

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Unformatted text preview: Garden of Earthly Delights after leaving the Garden of Eden §༊ The figures seem to be engaging sexually in almost any available object o The artist is not condemning what is happening; instead it is almost just an explanation of human nature in a way. • Right Panel o A depiction of Hell §༊ There is an abundance of instruments of torture being used and available Chapter 15 Early Renaissance Lorenzo Ghiberti, The Sacrifice of Isaac, ca, 1401- 1403, gilt bronze relief • There is no singular moment of time that is being displayed here. • The composition of the relief is gothic o Everything important is going on in the center. • There is a sense of classical treatment in the body. o The body is more realistic and evoked emotion and movement. Donatello, St. George Tabernacle, ca, 1410- 1417, marble • The relief carving of St. George is larger than life- size • The relief carvings on the bottom are used as ornaments in the sculpture • This is a depiction of St. George slaying the dragon. Note: Donatello singlehandedly created Renaissance sculpture Masaccio, The Holy Trinity with the Virgin, St. John and Two Donors, ca 1425, fresco • The is the first known painting to represent rational space o The use of one- point perspective was used to accurately create the dimensions of the building. §༊ The building could actually be properly constructed from the measurement and proportions given in this painting • The doors are life- sized • The coffers, vaults, ridges are all in proper proportions • The figures are...
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