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Unformatted text preview: ch more subdued and natural. Andrea del Castagno, The Last Supper, ca. 1445- 1450, fresco • This is a perfect painting o The disciples are sitting around the table like they normally would o The monastery dining room has been extended to properly fit each disciple. • This painting makes use of classical techniques o The walls have faux marble painting onto them like a 2nd century wall painting (most commonly used in Ancient Pompeii) might have. §༊ This is the first time a wall painting is used in the Renaissance. • The wall painting above Judas almost looks like a lightning storm o This is perceived as a symbol of Jesus’ ultimate demise at the hands of Judas. Domenico Veneziano, Madonna and Child with Saints, ca. 1445, tempera on panel • This is another example of a perfect painting • This seems to be a depiction of “a sacred conversation” or the idea of one o The Madonna and Child are enthroned by humans just as they are by the architectural space §༊ This is the first depiction of Mary and Christ in the presence of real people • The technique of blond coloration is also used here. Note: The mid 1400’s were known as the era of perfect painting. Donatello, David, ca. 1420- 1460’s, bronze • First known nude figure in the Renaissance • Use of symbolism o David is the symbol of Florence, he is stepping on the head of Goliath (the symbol of Milan) Sandro Botticelli, Primavera, ca. 1482, tempera on panel • Commissioned by the Medici Family • This is a very Pagan image (stems from the theory of Neo- Platonism) o The graces are incorporated into this painting Botticelli, The Birt...
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