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The composition of the relief is gothic o everything

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Unformatted text preview: • The painting of the Annunciation carries symbols o Doveà༎symbol of God and Mary’s recent impregnation • The middle panels in the Annunciation are painted to look as though they are part of the same room that contains the Angel Gabriel and Mary. • John the Baptist and John the Redeemer are painted to look like they are statues. • The donors of this altarpiece are painted in color. Note: Hubert and Jan Van Eyck were the first credited people to use oil paint for art. Oil paint did not reach Italy until the High Renaissance Jan Van Eyck, The Arnolfini Portrait, ca. 1434, oil on panel • This was painted as an engagement or as a marriage certificate. o But historians are not entirely sure. • This painting is ripe with symbolism o Mr. Arnolfini is barefoot §༊ This shows that he is standing on holy ground o The lady is wearing green §༊ The symbol/color of fertility o There is a dog §༊ The symbol of the conjugal aspect of marriage o The chandelier has only one candle lit §༊ This represents the one true light of God • The mirror reflects the figures of two men (the father of the bride and the priest) Hieronymous Bach, The Garden of Earthly Delights, ca. 1480- 1515, oil on panel • This painting is an enigma to all art historians o The purpose/message of this painting is entirely unknown Fun Fact: Bach is believed to have studied alchemy. He is WEIRD • Left Panel o A depiction of the Garden of Eden §༊ It is a peaceful scene where everything fits together • Center Panel o A depiction of Adam and Eve entering the...
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