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Exam 1 Chapters 13-17 PDF

O there is a sense of the realism of particulars

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Unformatted text preview: decorated and used as ribbed vaults and columns to support the building depicted within the painting • Lorenzetti was inspired by Duccio’s attempt to reflect realistic space o But! Lorenzetti is the first artist to create a believable recognition of the outside scenery from the scenery of the inside. Ambrogio Lorenzetti, The Allegory of Good Government (in the Country and City), ca. 1337- 1340, fresco The Allegory of Good Government in the City • Images of an economically viable town • Images of a safe town o Women are walking without chaperones • Images of a clean city The Allegory of Good Government in the Country • Represents domesticated nature • Represents nature subject the healthy control of man Chapter 14 15th Century North and Northern Renaissance Robert Campin, Merode Triptych, ca. 1425- 1430, oil on panel • General Information: o Figures are placed in an architectural space o The artist used symbols as a way of communicating extraordinary events in an everyday setting. o There is a sense of the “realism of particulars” §༊ Where the individuals in the image look hyper- real. • Left Panel: o The figures are completely out of scale and disproportionate §༊ Realistic space does not really work that well here. o Figures are surrounded by flowers §༊ Rosesà༎charity §༊ Violetsà༎ humility §༊ Liliesà༎ purity • Middle Panel: o This is a depiction of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary o There is a very heavy presence of symbolism in this panel §...
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