second paper topic 2.19.07

second paper topic 2.19.07 - from our time From the...

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Jonathan Terrell College writing 2/19/07 Lit101-042 Prof. Sachs Primary source topic In my primary source paper I will look at the civil War period and the how civil rights were constrained to maintain security and then compared to today. I will look at the strategies that the Union used for security in the boarder areas and the capitol. I will ague that the situation is similar to that time and that we should employ some of the same tactics that used. Such as when Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus as well as the enacting of marshal law in other regions. I will look at newspaper articles from the time of the Civil War as well as speeches and facts. I will also look at news from the current climate. These I will supplant will opinion articles and modern interpretation
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Unformatted text preview: from our time. From the research I have done I have found that there were several Supreme Court cases concerning Lincoln’s actions and I will look into those case and compare it to cases that have been made today concerning Guantanamo bay. I will also found information that military offices during the war acted for more power when dealing with civilians and the right to do military tribunals. A sample this I have come up with is, The climate of the War on Terror we are currently in is not unlike that which was in the Civil War and we should use some of the same tactics used to maintain security then in out policies now....
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second paper topic 2.19.07 - from our time From the...

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