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ARTH 105 ART: THE HISTORICAL EXPERIENCE Spring 2007 Dr. Issa Lampe Self-Guided Tour and Questions for Your Visit to Washington National Cathedral Please answer the seven questions on this form after you visit the Washington National Cathedral. Download and use these pages to take notes, and then download a clean version and type your answers to the questions to be turned in. The due date is Friday, March 9 by 5 pm (in Dr. Lampe's mailbox in the Art Dept. on the first floor of Katzen) Be sure to do all the assigned readings on Chartres Cathedral before your visit: a chapter by Kleiner and Mamiya and the Elsen reading, both of which are available on e-reserves. You can also find background information on Washington National Cathedral on-line at http://www.cathedral.org/cathedral/siteoverview.shtml and there are postcards and books for sale at the Cathedral bookstore if you are really interested. You should probably allow about 30 minutes each way for walking or metroing, and an hour or two to walk around and observe the building and/or take a tour. Washington National Cathedral is an Episcopal church, but it is also a beautiful example of Gothic style architecture closely modeled on Chartres Cathedral. People of all religious denominations are welcome to visit. So whatever your beliefs, and even if you have already toured Gothic churches in Europe, it's a good chance to look closely at a church built in the historical Gothic style using the new information you have gained from this course. The Cathedral is usually open from 10 to 4:30 daily.The website for the cathedral will give you specific daily hours and directions for reaching the cathedral (but it won’t give you enough information to skip the visit!) The Cathedral is easily accessible: if the weather is good, from campus you can walk south from Ward Circle down Massachusetts Ave. Turn left at first street on the left (Macomb) and walk 3 blocks over to Wisconsin Ave. Turn right and walk two blocks down Wisconsin to the Cathedral. You can also take the AU shuttle over to Wisconsin Ave. and then take a bus going south. Get off at Cathedral Street. When you enter the main doors, you will be in the narthex.
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WNC_Assignment - ARTH 105 Dr. Issa Lampe ART: THE...

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