Exhibits for GBL

Female only class 7 800 brazilian jiu jitsu

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Unformatted text preview: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Advancedrazilian Jiu Jitsu Advancedelf-Defence Class 7-8pm B 8-9:30 S 8-9:30 Western Gazetter Combination 1None Combination 22 Sixteenth Combination 32 Quarter Page Combination 4None Combination 5None Combination 6None Direct Mail LTC Transit Advertising 0 Plug with Premium 5813.953488 None 0 240.8 Plug with Premium 1652.325581 1 Seventies Ad 475 837.2 Plug with Premium 946.5116279 None 0 0 Plug with Premium 2470.930233 1 Kings Ad 575 0 Plug with Premium 290.6976744 2 Seventies 950 0 Plug with Premium 3052.325581 1 Seventies 475...
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/08/2014 for the course BUSINESS 2257 taught by Professor Iandunn during the Spring '10 term at UWO.

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