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Facts decision and reason for decision 2 allan entered

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Unformatted text preview: d this voided the original offer. Would you still like to sell your land is an inquiry not an offer. Because the law requires mutual agreement therfor no contract. Answer must contain principle of law! Facts, Decision, and reason for decision. 2. Allan entered into a contract with Brown to purchase a used car on display at Browns used car lot. The lock on one door was inoperable, sO Brown agreed to fix the lock on a term of his contract. Allen paid the full purchase price to Brown, Brown repaired the lock and notified Allen that the lock had been fixed and the car was ready for delivery. During the night thieves, stole the car. Allen now wants a replacement car or his money back. State the result with reasons. Allen is not entitled to a replacement car or his money back, the facts deal with the sale of goods., rule 2 of the sale goods act applies. Ownership passes to owner to buyer and any liability comes along with it. Brown made the car ready for delivery and the buyer had paid in full. 3. A restarunt owner is sued by a women who broke her tooth on a...
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