Limited period of time 2 is it reasonable 3 the

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Unformatted text preview: Non Habet” “Connot give what you do not own” Theif stole bike and sold it then its not yours 2.Under what circumstance would a restrictive covenant in a contract for the sale of a business be enforceable. If a dentist sells his practice in a small town and says you cant practice dentistry within a 5km radius. This is a reasonable claim therefore its enforceable. If it were requested that he did not practice in Saskatoon this would not be reasonable because everyone has the right to earn a living , therfor it would be unenforceable Forecable means 1. Limited period of time? 2. Is it reasonable? 3. The limited liability of corporate shareholders Means they cant be held personally responsible for any wrong doings by the corporation and no debts will be incurred The liability of share holders is limited to what they owe on their shares 4. The purpose of bankruptcy legislation To...
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