Their was a contract between the women who hurt her

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Unformatted text preview: n olve pit in a sandwich prepared by the restaurant. She underwent lengthy and painful treatment, at great expense the tooth had to be extracted and a dental implant installed supported by a crown. The sandwich has been bought by her friend and given to her. Discuss the legal implication involved both by way of contract and tort and state the result of the lawsuit with reasons. Their was a contract between the women who hurt her tooth and the restaurant. Whover paid for the sandwich is irrelevant. Since the restaurant prepared the sandwich they had breached the contract because she has the right to order food without being harmed. Tort law states that one must should be compensated for their losses and or pain and suffering. Therefore the restaurant would compensate for the cost of the tooth, crown extraction etc and any missed work or anything else. Actual Answer The result will be the lady will be awarded damages. Not awarded through a contract because. Donahue vs stevens. She will be awarded for compensation through tort not contract. Love thy neighbor Doctorine Briefly explain. 1.The application of the principle “ Nemo Dat Quad...
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