Petrostate Pathologies

Effective demand if you want it and you can pay for it

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Unformatted text preview: roduced water” (containing heavy metals and VOCs such as benzene) Venting and flaring of associated gas You can jam the gas back into the gorund to keep pressure up, but takes a lot of energy and commitment Can use it to power rigs, but don’t use all of it Can pipe it Orrr you can vent it or flare it. In U.S. we’ve started venting and flaring again cuz small companies are looking for fracking places. Russia is flaring 1/3 as much natural gas as they export to Europe every where! World Bank Global Gas Flaring Reduction Public- Private Partnership…if we reduced global flaring, we would more than meet Kyoto targets. Why is it so hard to stop flaring? Infrastructure – Azerbaijan got gas from Russia and flared their own til 2007 Spills, leaks, and ruptures Russia: Very inefficient with energy: in 2005, expends $40 billion in energy subsidies annually. Russia is by far the #1 gas flarer in the world. Because the energy sector is so fragmented and owned by different people, it’s hard to find someone to b...
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