poland wont have to rely on russia china needs more

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Unformatted text preview: p generate electricity at peak times (6:30pm) The “Shale Gale” of 2009 Fracking and horizontal drilling became cost- competitive in 2009 US production may lead to a further shift towards natural gas/away from oil Asia Pacific is #1 potential source for unconventional sources of natural gas Only a very small number of countries pursuing fracking because of legal complications…etc.? Poland (won’t have to rely on Russia) China (needs more energy) Europe has a lot of potential but is densely populated and doesn’t want to cause microearthquakes. Industry worries of fracking The fracking is mostly done by small companies/wildcats, then bought out when they’re proved they’ve found something/know what they’re doing. The wildcats take risks, blow things up. In fracking, some gas is just released ! if you’re lucky, no one sees it, if you’re unlucky, the rig explodes If there are weak points i...
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