Yes you can capitalize on the highest prices make a

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Unformatted text preview: n the mile of rock you’ve drilled through, that means water is there ! instead of the gas going into the pipeline, it will follow the water through fissures. Now you have contaminated wells/aquifers and no gas in the pipeline! Fracking fluid: what do you mix in the water to lubricate the drill bits? Since we don’t regulate the fracking fluid, we can’t make companies say what’s in it. However, we know that things like diesel and heavy metals make good lubricants… Shale fracking Coal- bed methane And…? Tensions in fracking states vs. market In Wyoming, the state owns all things below a certain level, doesn’t want federal regulations. Should we allow export in LNG? Yes: you can capitalize on the highest prices, make a profit; reduce our balance of trade deficit No: if prices are high elsewhere, the US will lose gas; export will raise prices of natural gas in US ! do we allow companies to export fracked natural gas before regulations? (same issue with XL pipeline for Canada) OPEC: strengthen collective bargaining power, influence price To be member of OPEC Oil has to...
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