Vectors spreading especially hivaids and tb bride

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Unformatted text preview: partners, etc Tipping point of infection rates: 3- 5% of population infection. The US is concerned that these countries are reaching these tipping points, that’s when things will start to fall apart 95% of Tajiks had a family member working in Russia Benefits of having your young men working abroad and sending home remits: If their family is still at home, still have some residual loyalty to the home country, want to come visit Don’t have to worry about unemployment rates Don’t have to spend money developing your economy Other country deals with their healthcare etc Disadvantages: Disease vectors spreading, especially HIV/AIDS and TB Bride theft in the areas where a lot of men are missing Easier to conceal human trafficking Domestic violence/broken families Shuttle trade: when you travel to places like China, buy up a bunch of goods at super cheap prices and resell them. In the US, many workers send their remittances through Western Union because you can wire money home – good system because we have a decent banking system. Harder to do in Central Asia, though Tajikistan...
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